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Business Insurance with EP&B


Property Coverage

Property coverage is important for your business, no matter its size. Business property policies include protection for your building, signage and fencing, as well as your office furniture, electronic equipment and your inventory. Our agents understand that every business is unique and that means specific coverage’s to meet your needs.


Business Auto

If your business relies on cars, trucks or vans to get the job done, you need a policy that protects your vehicles and your drivers as well as providing critical liability protection to protect your business. We work with multiple carriers to make sure the business auto insurance coverage we provide is the best option for your business’ needs.

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Buy/Sell Agreements

The death or long-term disability of a business owner can have a significant impact on the business, as well as business partners and surviving loved ones. Having a buy/sell agreement in place helps ensure a smooth transition in the event you’re no longer able to manage or run your business by providing the funds necessary for a transfer of ownership or management.


Key Person

Does your business rely on one or two key figures to continue to operate smoothly? Then having key person insurance can help ensure your company can continue to run in the event of an unexpected death.



Bonds provide necessary guarantees that help protect you against loss, and they can also increase client confidence in your business. We provide many different kinds of bonds, depending on the type of business you’re in. Let us review your needs and suggest the best options for your business.


Business insurance is about a lot more than protecting your company’s assets. It’s also about providing peace of mind and eliminating worry and stress. Give EP&B Insurance a call today at (651) 771-8111 and learn how we can create a policy that’s suited for your business’ unique needs.

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